Ready for a cricket taco? Meat alternatives want a part of your plate Harvest Public Media, 6 October 2015



bug_eating_04Denver’s Cricket Maven Serves the Ultimate Paleo Crunch Confluence Magazine, 19 August 2015



Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 8.34.02 AMTEDxRiNo Talk 13 April 2015

CSA_Entomophagy2015 Climate Smart Agriculture Conference – “Entomophagy for Climate Smart Agriculture” poster presentation



The Green Team 4H Club at the Denver Language School receive a lesson in insect-eating.Denver Post 10 March 2015 – Crickets, grasshoppers, worms pushed as protein food of future



NutritionSecurity2015 Hidden Hunger Congress – “Entomophagy for Nutrition Security” poster presentation



Kelly & Co. radio interview 11 March 2015 (5:00-25:00)

img_3016-edit2_slide-b4898ca4a9b4efb6f87ec5b3c0042f1888c99a96-s700-c85National Public Radio 7 August 2014 – “Will Americans Buy Bug Snacks? Maybe … If They’re Funny And Cute”

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